What is the Digme Virtual Run Club?

What is it?

A 45 minute social audio run every Saturday morning via Zoom. Following the run, there will be an audio led recovery cool-down.

The Audio will be include a balance of music/ chat with our guests and feel good vibes!

I hope this live run will help bring people together into an online community at a time when physically meeting others has taken a step backwards.


A selection of images from the first week of the Run Club

Who can join?

The 45 minute run will be appropriate for all. Whether you are a new to running or a seasoned runner there will be something for everyone. 

For those new to running, there is no pressure to run consistently for the 45 minute stretch, this could be made up of a walk/jog split to suit your abilities. If your unsure what this is or what split you should go for then I can help guide you with that. 


The Run and Stretch will be streamed on the Zoom platform online. You will need to follow the Zoom link in order to gain access to the live stream. You will just need audio and a way to connect to the internet via your phone.


The Live community Run Club will be happening every week, beginning at 8.55. The run will commence at 9am.

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