It’s the little things..!

It’s that time of year – the clocks have changed and the mornings are darker, the afternoons are……. also darker, motivation goes down the drain right?

Little things

Everyone (including me) has that little dip in energy/enthusiasm – there is no light (literally) at the end of the tunnel – in May, I posted a blog on my top 10 tips to help you stay motivated all year round.

I am very fortunate in that my job allows me to exercise throughout my working week so although sometimes my energy can dip – I always have to find a way to pick get myself going! Anyway, now that the clocks have changed, there are some changes that I have made which have made a big difference, I thought I would share..

week 1 weirwood
It feels like a long time ago I was open water swimming….!
  • First of all, at the start of November, I set myself a new goal, to work on my  Overhead Squat . I often find that I don’t get to much time to focus on my own training, so I committed to at least a session once per week. This has given me an extra kick, got me excited to train! I made myself accountable and I have loved it and made some good progressions – great feeling.
  • Second change is my commute. I work in London and live in Sussex so I was driving to the station and getting the train in. I had been finding that getting off of a packed train to then sit in traffic for 20 mins was not doing me any favours for my evening energy levels, I was getting home feeling tired, lethargic and lazy.               Anyway, I got my bike out and have started to cycle to the station (about 4 miles) and am loving it, its made such a difference. Fresh air in the morning and a nice leisurely ride home has really picked me up in the evening. I’m now getting home feeling energised and productive – this is allowing me to make better evening choices with both meals and  perhaps some home Yoga too – win win!
  • I have also recently started my own YouTube channel,  Move With Ben (shameless plug)! I really love filming these workouts – this is another point that has helped, I am looking for new exercises to try which I can use for he channel. So perhaps this is something that you can use – try something new!
  • At the weekends or on a day off – go somewhere new or somewhere you love, maybe an invigorating walk in a nice park – make sure you wrap up though! Sometimes a little adventure can bring me energy/inspire me- get plenty of fresh air into your days off..
  • My last point is I have started listening to podcasts a little more – I use the commute now as an ideal time to listen to something engaging – doesn’t have to be to deep or educational. This has been useful as mindfulness practice, sometimes I will listen to a motivational/inspiring podcast – this sets me up for a productive day/evening.

To summarise – the winter is a challenging time motivation wise, however, ultimately its up to you and how much you want to make positive changes. If you are on a journey to a leaner body or working towards a fitness event next year, this is a good time to get ahead of the game – stay motivated and spread the positivity around.

Little things can make big differences. I’d love to hear how your training is going – if you have any questions at all or feedback, let me know!


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