Top 6 tips for a good run!

When it comes to having a good run, there are lots of things that you can do to encourage a better run. Here are my top 6 tips to a better run, some of these apply to different forms of training:

1. Run somewhere that inspires you – with my training schedule, Sunday is the day I am able to fit in a long run. For the past month or so I have driven down to Brighton early Sunday morning, it’s great down there, people runing, cycling, skating etc etc. Most people you pass acknowledge you ‘morning’, lots of good energy, the sea breeze helps – well worth getting up early on a Sunday for!

2. Set little goals within the run – I like to get at least half way through my run without music. I then add in music and find this picks me up for the second half, spend the first part of your run getting your breathing right and your focus on. If doing a long run, maybe bring some gels or an energy bar to pick you up at different points.

3.  Count slowly – I got this one from Paula Radcliffe, find your ‘running rhythm’ (when you are fully warm and feeling good) and then count slowly to pass the time. Also try to use this when it gets tough, anything to distract the mind, ‘mind over marathon’ and all that!

4. Be accountable – tell someone what your running plans are, a friend, someone you work with etc – this will motivate you to go through with your plans and help you to run further or longer perhaps. No one wants to let down there mates do they!

5. Fuel your body correctly – paricuarlly important if doing a long run, there is nothing worse than suddenly losing lots of energy due to lack of fuel. Snack during run can also provide a quick fix. I tend to do a long run first thing in the morning so will have a decent pasta and chicken (or something similar) the night before and then light in the morning, Avocado on toast I had on my last long run.

6. Warm up – this is one that often gets neglected with running – with the ‘I will warm up as I run’ mentality. Spend a good 15 minutes getting the heart rate up before, squats, lunges, dynamic stretches, change direction etc. Also use a foam roller/ lacrosse ball to loosen up, once you are warm the first 10 minutes will feel a lot nicer rather than warming up as you go. A decent cool down/ recovery session is equally as important for a faster recovery. Do some ‘strides’ to open the legs out and some longer stretch holds straight after.

I hope you found this blog useful, I am currently training for the Bournemouth marathon in October. I have also posted a blog on my marathon expieriences.

Have a great week and let me know if you have any feedback 🙂



  1. Hi Ben, great post! I have a question: I’m planning to run a half marathon in November and I’m looking for a training plan with hiits!?! Have you ever come across anything like that? I used to run a lot and I have a lot of half marathons behind me, but I was in a lot of pain with my back. So after going to a chiropractor it took 4 months to get fixed. 🙂 Started the 90 day sss and it totally helped with my core. So I’m trying to get back with running slowly. I heard some people trained with hiits but I couldn’t find anything yet. Any suggestions?


    • Hey Kata! Thanks for your feedback and good to hear of your goal in the half marathon in November. I would certainly advise HIIT work this will boost your fitness and can be incorporated alongside half marathon training, as can hill interval work. With your back in mind, be wary not to over do the HIiT and allow for plenty of recovery and stretch/foam roll to, also swimming can be great to keep the legs fresh. So good to hear the 90day plan helped your core. Personally I am doing one long run per week with some HIITs, weighted work too, to keep the joints strong.
      Hope this helps!


      • Thanks Ben for the insight. I would be curious if you only run once a week and all the other workouts are what you mentioned above, or you only have one long run and a couple others with it during the week?
        So surprisingly the HIITs are not bothering my back, only the long runs, so that’s why I wonder if a training plan with HIITs, swimming, spinnig and (I might try this) hill interval could work, with one or two runs or one long run on weekends. Whenever I trained before I only did running and now seeing the results from all the HIITs I’m doing and I wonder if this could work for me.
        ALso is there any trick to these hill intervals, or you are just running up and down on the hill. 🙂
        Thank you! Kata


      • No probs Kata hope it’s helpful.

        The main reason is time – I teach 6 cycle classes between Monday and Friday so difficult to fit additional runs. So for me it’s the one long run per week plus some hill work at the moment, am doing plenty of self massage bits and stretching to help keep strong as well as strength work to keep joints strong.

        I’m no Gp but I would say the HIITs are ok as they aren’t prolong periods of the same movement (like running) so it’s important to keep strong with other movements to challenge your body in different ways, like hiit work.

        No tricks just find a decent hill and go mad for it! Try to maintain good form as you run up the hills this will help your running efficiency..

        Have a great day, hike this helps!


  2. Ok one more question and I will not troll your post anymore. 🙈 So today at cycle class (sprint) my teacher was saying not to do more than 3 HIITs a week bc it’s unhealthy. 🤔 I’m just wondering why she would say that.. what do you think?
    Btw do you guys do sprint at your facility?


    • Hey Kata, missed this one – apologies! HIIT can be quite taxing on the body so it’s good to get a good mix in your training. You can use it for shorter intervals also rather than longer sessions every session – even a 4 minute ‘tabata’ can be beneficial. At Digme, we have ride classes, performance classes and also beat (music based). The performance and ride or more data focused which is really useful!


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