My workout diary!

My weekly workout schedule differs slightly throughout the year –  I played football from August through until the end of April this year so that took up lots of time. Having finished the football season I looked for a goal and decided to sign up for the Bournemouth marathon in October. My training for the marathon will look different from a typical marathon schedule due to my fitness work commitments and I will adapt my training over the next month gearing more towards the running as much as possible. Below is my workout diary for the past week (15.5.17- 21st May). I hope you enjoy the read…!


I always like to start Monday with a good workout to set the week off well – ‘Never miss a Monday’ and all that!

My Monday this week started with a morning run. I planned to do a 10 KM run, however my legs felt pretty tired from Sunday’s run so I did 7 KM, including 3 loops of Richmond Hill. As much as Hill work is tough and challenging for the legs, I find that it really helps with my distance running and getting hill work in is a great way to make your running more efficient.

Lunch time, I teach a Ride at Digme Fitness, Richmond which is great to have in the diary first thing in the week, it’s a 45 minute session! I usually plan a new playlist on a Sunday for the week ahead – new music helps for motivation even if it is just mixing the order of pre used songs. I like to mix in all sorts – Eminem, Chase n Status, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Drake etc,  see below for Monday’s playlist.

Last of all on a Monday,  I put on a HIIT session for the guys at The Body Coach HQ after work – the 405 HIIT. This week we got the dumbbells out and completed 20 different moves in 20 minutes, all sorts of different exercises, using weights and bodyweight. I find these workouts make the time fly and keep people guessing at what is next is a good way to keep sessions fun plus you will only ever be doing each exercise once, never again..! Few stretches and some foam rolling and Monday was done!

digme playlist
Cycle playlist


On Tuesday, I have a couple of commitments.

Lunch time I put on a boxing session at the BC HQ which I tend not to use as a personal workout myself (dependent on numbers). I also teach a Spin class at Nuffield Health in Crawley at 715 in the evening so work my exercise schedule around this! I like to get to Crawley and do a run or a swim before my Spin class. This week I went for a swim and completed 50 lengths of front crawl. It’s a nice way to wake myself up (after a commute) and also freshen the legs up pre-spin or active recovery if you like. Spin was a good session with good energy from members!  I finished the day at home and after showering  I used the lacrosse ball to roll out my calves and had a good stretch. I always find after a Tuesday evening spin class I find it difficult to switch off and sleep, the endorphins or pre-spin expresso – probably a mix of the 2!


Wednesday starts early. I run a 7AM HIIT session at The BCHQ, I get to Richmond for 645, this is my only workout commitment on a Wednesday. This week I took part in the session with the guys – we did a Kettlebell exercise and number of reps on the minute every minute for 5 minutes (5 moves), repeating this 3 times and then finished with a body weight circuit of 5 moves, completing 40 seconds of work 20 rest and did the circuit twice:

Kettlebell 1: 16 KB wallball front squats (squat to touch glutes to wallball)

Ketllebell 2: Kb clean to overhead press 10 reps

Ketllebell 3: Kb clean to overhead press 10 reps (other arm)

Kettlebell 4: Kb overhead press 20 reps

Kettlebell 5: Figure 8 Kettlebell lunges 16 reps (lunge and kb goes through legs)

Repeated this circuit 3 times and then…

5 body weight exercises 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest. 2 rounds.

  1. Lateral squat thrusts
  2. Push up spider climber
  3. Sprint crunch
  4. Plyo sprint drive ups
  5. 90 degree power squat jacks.

After this, the rest of Wednesday was an easy day, did a late morning stretch and rested.

bchq hiit
A post HIIT pic from last year



On Thursdays, I teach a lunch time ride at Digme , which was a great session and I included a 3 minute distance challenge. The systems at Digme provide lots of data (based on individual variables), and you can put tests on like a maximum watts challenge, time trials over differing times. The 3 minute distance time trial is a tough one – riding as far as you can in 3 minutes is always a killer, the more resistance you can ride with efficiently, the further you will go. During sessions, we are allowed to do a maximum of 2 challenges per session, which I tend to use every now and then – everyone loves a challenge right..!

After work, I went to  Nuffield Health, completing an upper body session with pull ups, dips and then some weighted moves. I finished with an arm challenge I got from Faisal PMA fitness . The challenge was to complete 100 bar curls using an Olympic bar (20 KG) with good form and without putting the bar down. This took me 3 mins 20 and it certainly burnt out my arms, technique was also questionnable towards the end! Thursday evening, I like to chill and re fuel as I have a busy Friday – carb up, plenty of water.

digme richmond
Digme Richmond


I have recently taken on some extra work on a Friday – a double evening ride at the new Digme in Moorgate, adding to the AM ride I teach in Richmond, a lot of cycling in one day.

I tend to try to manage my energy levels and get plenty of recovery during the week, with good nutrition as well to replenish and stay as fresh as possible- when teaching, I struggle to teach a cycle class going through the motions and usually will work equally as hard in each of my classes. With the 730AM Richmond class, my meal the night before fuels me – I have an espresso before teaching and then a bowl of protein oats after. I find particularly with the AM spin sessions I’m hungry late morning again so I have a big lunch pre double ride. The double ride went well,  and arms were starting to ache from the bicep curl challenge the previous night!




For the last few weeks I have started Open Water Swimming on a Saturday morning with my brother and couple of mates – this week they couldn’t make it but I had another mate, Dom who had committed to meeting me at the Weirwood Reservoir (East Grinstead) – 630am meet.

In all honesty, I woke up and my body felt tired from the week so, if I wasn’t meeting Dom I probably would of stayed in bed a bit longer, however, I’m glad I had arranged to go for the session! I managed 4 laps of a 400 meter circuit which is my furthest since starting so was happy with that, Dom managed 5 during the same time. I like to use the swim as an active recovery session for the legs and conditioning for the upper body, almost like a recovery day. I was in the lake for about 45 mins, mile in total. The rest of the day I chilled, saw a mate and I planned a run the next morning.

I’m going to write a review of my first few open water swim experiences in a couple of weeks!

Weirwood reservoir, nice morning



So moving forwards, Sunday will be my long run with the Bournemouth marathon in mind.

Last week, I ran 13.5KM around Crawley – with Buchan Park included, as much as this was an enjoyable run, I fancied something different this week so decided on a run along Brighton front, 10 miles was my aim.

I got to Brighton and set off at about 730 and running up past the Marina, towards Rottingdean (I think), when I had clocked up 7.3Km, I ran back and then turned again, running along the front or up the top by the road, finishing at 16km by the Palace Pier, which I think is about 10 miles.

It was a lovely morning and nice to see all of the runners/cyclists and Minis as well (I think there was a London to Brighton Mini event with old/new Mini cars). I headed back to my car (which was a couple of KM from the Pier, with some interval runs to open the legs out a bit and stretched off. Today I’m dog sitting, so a couple of walks to stretch the legs have certainly helped a little although they are quite heavy now- tomorrow I am in London so won’t be teaching my Richmond ride – a full rest day with maybe a little, light swim to loosen up…

post run brighton


All in all, a good weeks training – it is important for me to do lots of recovery and stretching work, along with lighter exercise like swimming to stay mobile throughout the week. It is also important to ensure I am fuelling myself and re fuelling well to aid recovery!

stretch bchq


I hope you have enjoyed the read, I think my next blog will be my review of open water swimming! Have a good week……..

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