Staying motivated all year round

When it comes to staying motivated to work out all year round, this is something which can become challenging; what happens when you have been on holiday? When the days are shorter and your energy drops? From experience, I have found that there are little things which can make a big difference and keep me motivated. Here are my top 10 tips to stay motivated all year round.

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  1. Relate back to the feeling – remember your last workout. Think about how you felt, that sense of achievement and the buzz of those post workout endorphins. This is one which I always recommend for my clients and I personally use – if you are training in the evening then a mid afternoon dip (based on a typical 9-5) in energy is likely, so this is a great one to use then.
  2. Be organised – another important one, keep a log perhaps on the fridge or on your phone of a weekly workout plan for example. On a Sunday, or at the start of your working week put a plan of action together of all of your workouts – note them down on your phone and check them off as you do them. Having this on the fridge is a good place to keep an exercise log – with better food choices in mind.
  3. Set your kit out – the night before think about what you are going to be doing in your training session the next day, what you will need and refer to your workout planner!
  4. Change your workout playlists regularly – listening to fresh new music will help to keep you motivated. Having a new playlist before a workout will build the anticipation/excitement for the session.
  5. Be accountable – talk to a colleague/friend about your workout schedule for the week ahead, evening workout or workout for tomorrow before work. Also, you could set up a social media fitness account where you are posting your workouts/videos/images. Social media is a powerful tool and can be a great motivational aid. Following inspirational fitness accounts/athletes is a great motivator.
  6. Visualise your workout. How do you want to feel? This could be as simple as thinking of how strong you will feel running up a hill or how light you will feel completing some a set of burpees, to that feeling achieving your goal. Visualisation will help you stay motivated – spend a few moments just thinking through your workout.
  7. Treat yourself – if you are really struggling for energy or workout enthusiasm, choose a ‘cheat meal’ to have afterwards to work for. Use this one every so often ;).
  8. Buy a pair of jeans/clothing that you would like to fit comfortably into – this is a great way to monitor progress, note down how tight the clothing felt set a goal and a realistic date to work towards.
  9. Mix up your exercise routine – look to change your program or routine up every 6 weeks or so to keep it interesting. Maybe add in a swim or run once a week, get out on the bike or mix up your weighted exercise split/rep ranges. Other exercises like yoga can help to keep training interesting and help to improve flexibility/mobility.
  10. Set goals clearly write down short/long term goals, How will you know when you have reached these goals? Refer back to these goals regularly to keep yourself on track. If this goal is fat loss, take pictures and measurements. Progress goals/shorter term goals are also important as an unrealistic goal can feel unobtainable. Why not break the goal up a little, and tackle each stage head on. Book in for a fitness event to work towards – a 10KM run, triathlon or Tough Mudder perhaps! When setting goals think the term ‘SMART’ (goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed). I have recently booked the Bournemouth marathon for October this year, having been inspired from the London marathon – this will tie me up for a few months!

Often it is easier for myself to stay motivated and committed to regular exercise,e as I have lots of fitness classes throughout my working week so I have to complete these! However I do use the above pointers to help to keep me motivated all year around. These points won’t be for everyone and ultimately finding your own little things that work for you is key.

I hope these tips have been useful and you’ve enjoyed the read. Do let me know if you have any feedback 🙂


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